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San Francisco Commercial Photography

Ned Scott began his Hollywood photography career as a freelance practitioner in 1935. Still photography assignments were plentiful early on, but Ned had down time between assignments in which he was unproductive and idle. To maintain an income stream during these times, Ned began a commercial relationship with the Gantner & Mattern clothing manufactures in San Francisco. It was his good friend Vallejo Gantner, an active family member on the staff of the Mission Street company, who made all the necessary overtures to get Ned Scott involved in the advertising programs for the company's sportswear lines. It was a successful enterprise for both parties. Ned Scott performed all the photography used in G & M's advertising campaigns from 1937 through 1942.

By the time the Golden Gate International Exposition opened on Treasure Island in San Francisco Bay, Ned was well established in his association with G & M. Members of the Gantner family wanted Ned to photograph the Expo for their own personal reasons, and they hired him to create a photographic portfolio of this enormous and very popular fair. Records show that Ned made a complete file of high quality platinum prints for the Gantners.



1938 Golden Gate International Exposition

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