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Look Magazine, 1946

Ned Scott had been serving as a contract employee of Columbia Pictures for one year when he began his photographic assignments for the 1946 movie Tars and Spars, another Columbia dance extravaganza. This movie boasted a naval theme. Look Magazine honored Ned Scott with their motion picture photo of the year award for this still photograph from the movie. The "50,000 pictures each year" seems excessive, but it is no exaggeration. Please refer to Ned Scott's authorship article for further discussion of the movie still photographer's work environment.

Full caption reads: Ned Scott flashed this shot of Mark Platt and Anita Alvarez in Columbia's "Tars and Spars" with a 4 x 5 speed graphic set at 1/1200 of a second at F 16.  Scott started as a commecial photographer in New York in 1931, estimates that he averages 50,000 pictures each year of stars and productions.


Look Magazine 1946 Look Magazine 1946