Character Actor Portrayals

Usually playing minor roles, character actors lent authenticity, credibility and texture to a motion picture. Ned Scott photographed many of these professionals in formal portrait sessions with in-role garb and expressions. He also caught them in action scenes delivering their peculiar and often idiosyncratic roles which supported the plot and headline actors. Who can forget the drunk doctor from "Stagecoach" (Thomas Mitchell) or the sanctimonious butler from Pot O' Gold (Charlie Arnt)? Ned achieved a high point with these portrayals, and even in his own writings, he stated that they were "some of my best work".

Character photographs from the 1939 Walter Wanger movie "Stagecoach"

John Carradine plays Hatfield, the suave, selfish Southern gambler

Andy Devine plays Buck, the skinner and coach driver whose fear of Indians is matched only by his love of his horses

Donald Meek plays Samuel Peacock, the little gray mouse of Hollywood who wanted to join the clergy but wound up a barrel maker for his new wife who owned a winery

Francis Ford plays Billy Pickett , the relay station keeper who never seems to run out of drink

John Ford as himself

Character photographs from the 1940 Walter Wanger movie "Long Voyage Home"

Barry Fitzgerald as "Cocky", the mess steward aboard the SS Glencairn

Character photographs from the 1939 Walter Wanger movie "Slightly Honorable"

Addison Richards as inspector Fromm

Henry Armetta, Sam, the night club owner

Bernard Nedell, underworld character Pete Godena

Edward Arnold, racketeering politician Vincent Cushing

John Sheehan, drunken aide to Inspector John Webb

Ernest Truex, P. Hemingway Collins, civil activist

Alan Dinehart, district attorney Joyce

Charlie Arnt

Like lots of successful character actors, Charlie Arnt played many roles in film, 120 to be exact from 1933 to 1962. Many of his roles were uncredited. But nonetheless, they all yielded decent income and that's the goal of a character actor. Charlie graduated from Princeton University, earning a degree in geological engineering. He and Ned Scott teamed up in 1936 to produce a photographic character portfolio of better than 20 roles. A number of hard-bound books were made with these images printed in large format on high quality fiber paper. Both men used these books to promote their careers. Referring to these photos in a 1941 letter to Willard Morgan, Ned Scott stated that, "these were some of my best work".

Charlie Arnt-As Himself Charlie Arnt-The Carnival Barker Charlie Arnt-The Carnival Barker Charlie Arnt-The Tramp Charlie Arnt-The Tramp Charlie Arnt-Drunk Fantasy
Charlie Arnt-Drunk Fantasy Charlie Arnt-The Seaman Charlie Arnt-Train Station Clerk Charlie Arnt-Train Station Clerk Charlie Arnt-Train Station Clerk Charlie Arnt-Train Station Clerk
Charlie Arnt-Country Boy Charlie Arnt-Imperious Nobleman Charlie Arnt-The Hit Man Charlie Arnt-The Hit Man Cornered Charlie Arnt-The Loafer Charlie Arnt-The Loafer
Charlie Arnt-The Crime Boss Charlie Arnt-The Cowboy Charlie Arnt-The Bartender Charlie Arnt-The Bartender Charlie Arnt-The Country Vet Charlie Arnt-The Hobo
Charlie Arnt-The Professor Charlie Arnt-The Constant Partier Charlie Arnt-The Nazi

Various Actors, Various Roles

Charles Coburn as Robert Gow, newspaper owner in "Over 21" 1945;  and  in 1944, as Jonathan Crandall, Sr., the mayor's cantankerous father-in-law in the screwy comedy "Together Again"

Billy Bevan as The Butler in "It Had to be You", 1947

Jess Barker as Publisher Coudair in "Cover Girl" in 1944

David Lichine from "Spring Night", 1935. His character is "Pan", the Roman god of the earth and forest, who comes to life in the dream of a young woman.

John Wayne as the "Ringo Kid" from "Stagecoach"

John Wayne Photos

Sig Arno as Henri DuPont, here pictured with a harp, played a violinist in the film "A Song to Remember".