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Redes Exhibit Package

Because of recent inquiries regarding Ned Scott's Redes images, and because the Aperture Foundation is sponsoring a traveling exhibit of Paul Strand's Mexico work which is accompanied by Ned Scott's original stills from the film, this archive is offering a group of modern day display prints for exhibit.

These are all 20 x 24 in size, dry-mounted and matted. The size for verticals is 23 x 28. Size for horizontals is 28 x 25. items are slightly bottom-weighted. These prints are a mix of copy prints and prints from original negatives. High quality fiber paper was used to create these prints, giving them a luster and depth which will amaze.

Nothing like this is offered anywhere else. These prints were created by the Archive itself using Ned Scott's own original platinum prints as tonal and range guides. They convey an authenticity which honors the photographer and the era of the 1930's.

Email the Archive for exhibit details and guidelines.