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Redes Film Alvarado Fishermen's Life

The life of the fisherman of Alvarado was simple. The chief item on the menu was haddock, and great schools arrived in the area of Alvarado every few months. The fishermen would spring to life, work like crazy for a week, and then lapse back into a lethargic existence. As director Fred Zinnemann described them in his autobiography, they would drink "aguardiente" and when drunk enough, they would swear in paragraphs and occasionally take up machetes against each other. Adding to the ribald background of fishermen of Alvarado was a notable strain of black blood from Africa, according to Diego Rivera in his autobiography, who was a native of Alvarado. Here in these photographs a casual but definite glimpse of their daily lives may be gathered. Here's the bar where they would gather to drink, here's the dwelling where many called home and here are the riverside scenes which encompass their daily lives with drying nets, beached fishing boats and thatched overhangs where they escaped the rays of the harsh midday sun.