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Redes Film Production Stills

These images from the film REDES chronicle the story from the beginning to the ending. There are stills which portray the distrust and anger felt by the fishermen of Alvarado for their fish buyers and their masters. One gets the sense that life was hard for the crews of the fishing boats, that their accommodations on land left lots to be desired and that few if any pleasures came their way. Death is but another way of life for these men, as the burial procession of Miro attests. Paul Strand shows up in these images behind the hand-cranked Akeley 16 mm movie camera. Fred Zinnemann appears as the film's director in several scenes. Henwar Rodakiewicz shows up here, the man who wrote the script, edited the film along with Gunther von Fritsch and helped hold things together when times were tricky during filming. One of the things which Fred Zinnemann wrote about Ned Scott's stills of this movie in his autobiography was a huge tribute. He said that these stills were "classics". Many of these have found their way into publications over the years, the latest being the Aperture Foundation book "Paul Strand in Mexico" by James Krippner (2010).

Redes film Fred Zinnemann, Paul Strand