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Early Personal Notes

The archivist made notes on relevant matters right in the beginning weeks of the Archive, and this was fortunate because many details would likely have been forgotten with time. Things began in Louisville, Kentucky where the archivist had a family and a small commercial real estate business. As one will see in the notes, it was the pending disruption of the family which prompted the first stirrings of behaviors which ultimately pointed the way to the creation of the Archive. Many names, dates, and relevant information regarding key personnel and institutions appear in these notes. Interested readers will find that in very little time the archivist was conversing with officials of the Kentucky (State) Arts Council, the University of Louisville Photo Archive, the Museum of Modern Art, the Aperture Foundation, the Paul Strand Archive, the Hallmark Collection, the Center for Creative Photography and the Centro Cultural / Arte Contemporaneo Museum in Mexico City. The people contacted were all helpful, encouraging and informative. Though not envisioned at the beginning, the idea for an archive was born as more information coalesced around the reality of Ned Scott's photography. The idea grew into sharper focus with time, and eventually the need for a formal structure could not be denied or delayed.